The pretty fishing village of Polis latchi with its small sandy coves, and a backdrop of the pine-clad hills of the Akamas peninsula, is the perfect place for a relaxing break with plenty to explore on foot and great watersports. Enjoy traditional Cypriot food in the tavernas and fresh fish and seafood, for which the resort is renowned, in the excellent restaurants. The nightlife is relatively low key with a handful of bars and discos, making a holiday in Polis latchi ideal for those seeking a relaxing trip.
Before tourism had discovered Polis latchi its main industry apart from fishing was the exportation of sea sponges. The main focal point of Polis latchi is the fishing harbour sporting fishing boats bobbing gently on the clear waters weighed down with nets, wicker baskets and the catch of the day. Fresh fish can be sampled in one of the many small stone build tavernas surrounding the harbour; a popular eating place for the locals.
Sun worshippers and beach goers will appreciate the sandy/pebbly beaches nestling on the Akamas National Park. Cool waters and gentle summer breezes. By night Polis latchi becomes a hive of activity with night cruises, disco and a selection of bars and restaurants to choose from.
According to legend, the area that is now Polis latchi was once long ago, the scene of a dramatic tale between two young loves. In the time of the gods, Aphrodite, it is said, fell in love with a bold young hunter named Adonis. Adonis loved the thrill of hunting, Aphrodite, however was concerned for his safety. One day while hunting a wild boar he was killed as the raging boar buried its tusk in the young hunters side.
As Aphrodite rushed to the scene, she cut her delicate skin on the underbrush and tinged all the white roses pink. On finding Adonis she shed countless tears, which, as they struck the ground turned into anemones; the red drops of blood at the scene then turned into red roses. This legend explains how all the beautiful flowers came to be in this area.
Today Polis latchi remains a sleepy coastal town; the impact of tourism cannot be seen as greatly as in other towns, which allows the natural character of the place to shine through.